WANTED FOR: March 2016 – October 2015 – Probation Violation – Warrant issued by Darke County Adult Probation. August 2015 – Failure to Appear / Aggravated Menacing – Warrant issued by Darke County Municipal Court.

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS:  215 Hiddeson Ave. Greenville, Oh; 501 Gray Ave. Apt 2E Greenville, OH; 408 Gray Ave. Greenville, OH; 7070 Springhill Rd. Union City, OH; 819 Hawthorne Ave. Cincinnati, OH, 210 Tillman Ave. Greenville, OH; 215 Hiddeson Ave. Greenville, OH

ALIAS: Unknown
DOB: December 1977
HEIGHT: 5’-10”
WEIGHT: 205 (last known)
HAIR COLOR: Blonde (last known)
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: Panther tattoo on back, skulls on left forearm and bicep
MARKS/SCARS: Scar on back and left leg

FEATURED DATE : May 9, 2018