WANTED FOR: November 2017 – Darke County Adult Probation Warrant issued for Failure to Report since October 2017 and Failure to comply with drug abuse treatment. Original Charges: Possession of Heroin, Operating Vehicle Intoxicate, Theft.

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 625 E 3rd St., Greenville, OH; 310 Tiffin St., Greenville, OH; 117 Deshler Ave., Greenville, OH; 31 Friar Tuck Dr., Greenville, OH

ALIAS: Unknown
DOB: September 1988
HEIGHT: 6’-1”
WEIGHT: 165 (last known)
HAIR COLOR: Red (last known)
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: Pair of Brass Knuckles on abdomen, Red Rose with “Invincible” on under side of right forearm, red heart above right wrist. Large gauge openings in both ear lobes

FEATURED DATE : February 15, 2018