WANTED FOR: Warrant issued for Probation Violation for original charge of Assault on a Police Officer

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS: 210 South Ohio Street, Apt. A., Greenville, Ohio

ALIAS: Unknown
DOB: January 1972
HEIGHT: 5’-7”
WEIGHT: 160 (last known)
HAIR COLOR: Blonde (last known)
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: Dog (Right Chest); Skull with Beard, Glasses and Headband (Left Chest); Necklace around Neck (Neck); Spider dangling from Spider Web (Back Left Shoulder); Stacked Bricks with Skulls Underneath (Back Right Shoulder); Flaming Skull (Left Bicep); Grim Reaper with Swastika (on left side of Abdomen); Clown with Several “X’s” (Left Forearm); “TB” (Right Forearm); Sword with a Snake Around it (Right Forearm); Marijuana leaf (Upper Right Arm)
MARKS/SCARS: Right wrist

FEATURED DATE: January 2, 2020