WANTED FOR: March 2018 – Warrant issued by Darke County Common Pleas Court for Possession of Methamphetamine. September 2017 – Warrant issued by Darke County Municipal Court for Failure to Appear.

LAST KNOWN ADDRESS:  113 Chestnut St. Greenville, OH; 320 ½ Wayne Ave. Greenville, OH; 400 Wayne Ave. Greenville, OH; 205 W. Wood. St. Versailles, OH; 204 S. Ohio St. Greenville, OH; 628 ½ Martin St. Greenville, OH

ALIAS: Unknown
DOB: February 1992
HEIGHT: 5’-10”
WEIGHT: 150 (last known)
HAIR COLOR: Red (last known)
TATTOOS/PIERCINGS: “Jorden D. Miller 4/9/09” right bicep; “Rockstar” right forearm; Ship anchor left bicep; Tribal flower & “Sophia” left forearm; two revolvers with blue flowers “Trust No One Fear No One” chest; “Mariah K” top center back; heart shaped roses and thorns right side back; red rose left side back; “American Honey” lower center back. Coy fish left calf.

FEATURED DATE : August 28, 2018