Nope 2 Dope


It is no secret that the rise of heroin and methamphetamine abuse is a national epidemic. Heroin has been to the cause of an increasing number of deaths from overdoses. With the prescribing of opiate-based pain prescriptions, the want to continue the high after the pills are gone has made this cheap narcotic in demand. Even in a rural community like Darke County is suffering the affects of these dangerous drugs.

The Nope2Dope campaign is focused on giving the community an outlet to report activity of drug abuse, trafficking and manufacturing. If you know of criminal activity or just want to find out ways to get help for addiction, the Nope2Dope campaign is in the process of developing ways to take back our community and give those that want the help a chance to get out of the dark cloud of addiction.

If you are searching for help for an addiction, please visit the links below or contact Darke County Recovery Services at 937-548-6842.