Arrest Warrant for Probation Violation
LKA:  319 West Fourth Street, Greenville, Ohio
Date of Birth:  06-08-1985
Height:  5’10”
Weight:  125
Eyes: Blue
Hair:  Brown
Tattoos:    Right Leg:  Headstone “RIP Dad Braxcy Lee”
                           Inner Right Forearm:  Flowers and Outdoor scene with trees
                           Right Wrist:  Outline of a Rectangle
           Left Wrist:  Burn scar making flames (red)
                           Inner Right Forearm:  Symbol and “ee”
                  Upper Left Arm:  Praying Hands and “Game Over” with Flames with a Crown
                           Back:  Skull with a Cross in its Head and Wings and an Eagle Crest
                           Top Right Hand:  Flowers
           Side Right Hand:  “TL”
           Chest:  Cross with Barbed Wire and “Jackie